Fast Tracking Drug Discovery for the Treatment of Viral Infectious Diseases

Building a new platform that will revolutionize antiviral drug discovery to fight outbreaks and epidemics.

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Mimicking Nature

A platform inspired by life's most critical period of human development.

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To Fight Viruses

Targeting some of the most pathogenic viruses with epidemic potential.

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With Research

Understanding how viruses interact with human tissues and cause disease.

Why are treatments for viral infectious diseases so scarce?

Therapies to treat infectious diseases are very scarce. With the emergence of new viruses and variants that threaten human health, the development of antiviral therapies is a pressing and imminent step towards the control of current and future epidemics.


Rumi Viro’s technology is a powerful engine for the discovery of antiviral therapeutics. It offers unprecedented access to human tissues to understand how viruses cause diseases and epidemics. Rumi Viro is uniquely positioned to discover treatments for viral infectious diseases with its cutting-edge science.

Science Research and Development for Future Generations

Rumi Viro is revolutionizing the discovery of antiviral drugs that target viruses with unmet clinical need, and is applying more effective screening, development, and clinical implementation of drugs to treat infectious diseases. We are working to fight outbreaks and epidemics with an efficient and rapid drug discovery process.

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Cumbersome Drug Development Process

Drug development is a lengthy, expensive process with unpredictable outcomes. Diseases caused by emerging viruses are an enormous global health and economic burden as they affect millions of people every year, often due to lack of effective treatments.


CASE STUDY: The emergence of a new human coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, in late 2019 has sparked an explosive global pandemic of COVID-19 disease, with millions of infections and deaths. Due to a lack of antiviral therapies targeting SARS-CoV-2, the socioeconomic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been profound, with the mobility and productivity of a large fraction of the world’s population dramatically curtailed.  As with COVID-19, a solution is needed for a timely identification and development of antiviral drugs to prevent outbreaks and epidemics caused by emerging viruses of concern.

Rapid access to infected organs

Rumi Viro was formed with the goal of speeding up the development of revolutionary treatments for viral infectious diseases, while aiming to develop effective treatments for these diseases. Rumi Viro is creating  innovative paradigms of drug development and new treatments for infectious diseases that greatly reduce the impact of viruses on human health. Rumi Viro’s technologies provide an expedited path for creating faster, more effective screening, development, and implementation to treat infectious diseases.


Our Technology: A new paradigm to find therapies for viral infectious diseases

Rumi Viro’s technology is a powerful high-throughput platform to generate miniaturized synthetic organs that mimic the human lungs and other organs, at high-speed. We have an unparalleled ability to track viral infection in thousands of synthetic mini organs at a time. With our machine learning algorithm, we are able to identify therapeutics that inhibit the infection, replication and transmission of viruses, which allows us to predict the therapeutic benefit a drug could have on patients that have been exposed to the virus.


Our Mission

Rumi Viro’s mission is to fast-track the development of antiviral therapies using our predictive models of viral infection and pathology in human tissues for therapeutic success. As antiviral therapeutics are currently lacking for many viruses of concern, Rumi Viro’s technology will enable the discovery of new therapeutic targets and drugs for a timely control of current and future outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.

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