Rumi Viro

Rumi Viro’s mission is to mitigate the impact viruses have on human health, via its human stem cell technology that uses state-of-the-art imaging and analytical tools to inexpensively and effectively identify antiviral treatments for human infectious diseases.
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Publications & Talks

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Ali Brivanlou, Ph.D. / Talks and Presentations 2021

Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School Neurobiology Seminar Series

“Synthetic by design: Exploiting tissue self-organization to explore early human embryology”



Yale Stem Cell Center Retreat – Keynote Speech

“Self-Organization of Synthetic Human Embryos and Organs”



Science Writers 2021 Conference

“Engineered Humans: Human-animal chimeras, Organoids, Embryos and the 14-day rule”



Center for Stem Cell Biology Faculty Forum – MSKCC

Developmental Biology Program – Work in Progress Meeting

“Synthetic Lungs; New Tools: Opto-genetics; PGCs; Human Primate Models”



Harvard Annual Bioethics Conference

Biotechnology and the Future of Medicine

“Chimeras for in vivo validation of human embryo models”



Stowers Research Conferences: Developmental Cell Biology

“Self-Organization of Synthetic Human Embryos and Synthetic Organs”



Sapienza University of Rome

“Self-organization of Spatial Patterns in Synthetic Human Embryonic Clones, Organs, and Consequences…”



Kenyon College Seminar

“Self-organization of Spatial Patterns in Synthetic Human Embryonic Clones, Organs, and Consequences…”



Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology Department at Harvard University Seminar

“Self-organization of synthetic human embryos, organs, and consequences”


I would like to learn about Rumi Viro’s novel discoveries to treat genetic diseases.