Collaborate with Rumi Viro to Further Antiviral Drug Discovery 

Rumi Viro offers a flexible suite to complement your R&D drug discovery program for viral infectious diseases.

Rumi Viro’s platform generates actionable data using phenotypic screens and the industry’s most-advanced standardized organoid platforms, to help our collaborators and partners find therapeutics.

Disease-Specific Drug Discovery Screening

Do you want to partner with us to aid in a discovery for a specific infectious disease?

Rumi Viro can utilize our human pluripotent stem cell-based platform on your behalf: including discovery of phenotypes and HTS through to hit validation and efficacy assessments in secondary assays, our scientists will work with your team to design your ideal project using our standardized models.

Using our deep in-house scientific expertise and our proprietary algorithms, we generate precise and usable data to your team.

Drug Re-purposing

Do you have a hypothesis you want to test to possibly re-purpose compounds?

Rumi Viro’s scientists can work with your drug development team on specific classes of molecules, and can generate data from our platform to support your hypothesis in re-routing of existing molecules for a new indication.

Pre-clinical Predictive Ranking

Do you have compounds coming out of medicinal chemistry analysis, and you want to evaluate your best candidates?

Rumi Viro can provide data to rank your compound options.

Supplemental Data

Do you need to build your body of evidence and analysis?

Rumi Viro can quantify efficacy & toxicity of compounds in development in order to help you with a Go/No Go decision.


Do you want to think through your drug development process in detail with an embedded partner? Do you need to build a new pre-clinical platform adapted to your science and based on a robust and standardized platform?

Rumi Viro has the expertise and flexibility, and is interested in helping you take your program further and faster.  We are always interested in discussing partnerships and licensing possibilities.

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