Rumi Viro

Rumi Viro’s mission is to mitigate the impact viruses have on human health, via its human stem cell technology that uses state-of-the-art imaging and analytical tools to inexpensively and effectively identify antiviral treatments for human infectious diseases.
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Fred Etoc

Fred Etoc, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Etoc is the scientific leader of the company and drives the technological developments and decisions. He is the link between the labs of the founders and the scientific team in the start-up lab to drive our programs forward. As a research associate at Rockefeller University, he worked closely with the two founders of Rumi Scientific; he is therefore intimately familiar with the science underlying Rumi’s revolutionary technology as well as the Machine Learning aspects.

I would like to learn about Rumi Viro’s novel discoveries to treat genetic diseases.