Rumi Viro

Rumi Viro’s mission is to mitigate the impact viruses have on human health, via its human stem cell technology that uses state-of-the-art imaging and analytical tools to inexpensively and effectively identify antiviral treatments for human infectious diseases.
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Shoshana Reich

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Shoshana Reich, Ph.D., Research Scientist


Dr. Reich is a developmental biologist with an expertise in developmental signaling pathways and cell fate determination. Dr. Reich’s work at Rumi Viro focuses on modeling viral infections in organoids. As a developmental biologist, she uses her skills and experience with signaling networks to generate optimized and standardized protocols for organoid development. Dr. Reich completed her PhD at the Graduate Center, CUNY, in Dr. Daniel Weinstein’s laboratory where she studied the mechanisms of T-box transcriptional repression during ectodermal differentiation and patterning.

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